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外教获奖文章:我眼中奇妙的广西阳朔 — Guangxi’s Marvelous Community through Western Eyes([USA]John William Leach)

[美国] 约翰 ( By John Leach [USA] )

( Buckland Group and 8 Buckland Foreign Experts Won Prizes in the Essay Writing and
Photography Contest Held by Guangxi Government )

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    Buckland International Education Group Carries on the Tradition of Foreign Affairs Officer ( F.A.O) Training as its Firm Foundation for Foreign Teacher Recruitment and Management
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    Ankang City, Shanxi Province: The Deputy Mayor Shun Kuang Ling Visited Foreign Teachers in Gao Xin International Middle school
  4. 巴克兰(BUCKLAND)编写的初高中英语口语教材正式出版(供外教和学生使用)--
    BUCKLAND GROUP Text Book Practical Oral English (for Junior and Senior) is Published by Shaanxi Normal University Publishing House
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本站按2014年,广西壮族自治区开展了“美丽广西,清洁乡村”活动,巴克兰的“老外”们拿起相机、敲击键盘,积极参加了这项活动中“外国人看美丽广西”征文和摄影比赛,巴克兰有8位外国文教专家的图文作品获得广西自治区外国专家局奖励,巴克兰被评为该项活动的“组织单位优秀奖”。这里,我们将来自美国的 Mr.John William Leach 获奖征文以汉英双语呈现给大家。

Guangxi is the perfect province for transitioning from the western world to The Middle Kingdom. I was living in the United States when I decided to pack up and move to China to become an English teacher. I was both nervous and excited to embark on my journey to the other side of the world. I was heading to Yangshuo for a teaching orientation with other westerners. My plane landed in Guilin well after midnight. A bus picked me up to deliver me to Yangshuo. The roads were darker than I’ve ever seen as we made the hour long drive through the countryside. The thing that sticks out most in my memory is every five minutes or so, we would pass a home or shop that was dimly lit by firelight. Each of these places would have a group of people sitting around the light talking and drinking. This is the moment I realized the communal aspect of Guangxi is a very important trait of the province.

We arrived in Yangshuo and the rain was pouring down. It was around 2:00 AM at this point. The van pulled up to where I would be staying and a group of young people came out smiling to welcome me to their city, at such a late hour! After being so nervous being in a new country for the first time, I will never forget the warmth of the local people I felt late that night.


The next morning, I was up by 7:00 to go meet up with the other westerners for breakfast. I’m not sure if I slept at all that night. For as tired as I was, my body was still on American time. When I dragged myself downstairs and stepped foot out of the hostel, I didn’t think about being tired. What I experienced was nothing short of overwhelming. I wasn’t out the door five seconds when I heard the POP! POP! of fireworks going off in the alley next to me. As this was going on, I saw some children chasing a few chickens around in the street with the biggest smiles on their faces. To this day, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such pure and unfiltered joy through an expression. All of this coming from such a simple activity tugged at my heart strings.

I had a short walk from my hostel to the school but I saw and heard so much along the way. Elderly ladies were selling vegetables on the street smiling and speaking Chinese presumably trying to persuade me to buy their peppers and tomatoes. Cars were passing by honking their horns. More children were playing at what seemed like every corner. On the final stretch to the school, the view I had was something out of a dream. This was my first clear view of the famous karst landscapes I had read so much about before coming to Yangshuo. The sun was rising and it turned the mountains a gorgeous pinkish orange color. The light glistened off of the streets and buildings providing for a pristine sight. I had to stop and stare in the middle of the road to take it all in. The air was fresh and the landscape was incredible. This experience was one of the many reasons I wanted to come to China.

Although my week in Yangshuo mainly consisted of training at the school, the beauty and community of Guangxi still shone through in the background. Local people extended many invitations to activities throughout the week. Some included going kayaking along the beautiful Li River, celebrating a teacher’s 80th birthday, and climbing the Moon Hill. However, the event that resonated with me the most was going to the secret beach.

One morning, at the end of our orientation, a Chinese boy working at the school invited a handful of us to go to a place only the locals knew about. He said to wear clothes we could get dirty and we would leave within the hour. I threw on some shorts and a tee-shirt and proceeded to renting a bicycle. It was only 15 RMB for the whole day. We met up outside the school and he told us to follow him. We weaved in and out of the streets through town before going down West Street where all the restaurants and shops are. At the end of the street, there is a market area along the river that seems to stretch on forever. We rode to the end of this until it turned into a paved walking street surrounded by Guangxi’s natural beauty. Many trees and plants blanketed my peripheral vision creating a lush green color. Before I knew it, our leader was leaving the paved path to a small dirt trail that looked like it was used for farming. We followed this more slowly. We passed by many farmers doing work and eventually reaching a lovely little village. I figured the village would be the end of the line but our leader kept riding. I was a little out of shape at the time and felt my riding was becoming more and more horse horse tiger tiger, so I hoped we would arrive soon enough. The next thing I knew, we went through a patch of green trees and on the other side was a miraculous looking beach. I couldn’t believe the view. There were already around twenty Chinese people out there eating, drinking, and swimming. Sure enough, before we were even settled, we had offers of drinks and photo taking opportunities with some of the locals. This once again reaffirmed the fantastic communal aspect of Guangxi. We stayed all afternoon. We swam with children in the river, racing across and back. The water was fresh, clean, and comfortable. We climbed the rocks on the other side and jumped off into the water. It was a beautiful, lazy day in this scenic spot that my words cannot do justice.

All in all, my first week in Guangxi was unique and memorable. It was a place and time I will never forget. It’s incredibly difficult to put it all in to words. It is truly a place that needs to be seen and experienced firsthand to really comprehend. The community, scenery, and people in Guangxi are unparalleled to any other place I’ve been in this world. In fact, it felt almost otherworldly to me. The unexpected twists and turns of my adventures in Guangxi were nothing short of phenomenal. Every person who appreciates the wonders of nature and people reaching out to share their town with you should visit this province, especially the city of Yangshuo.



大约凌晨2点我们到达阳朔,此时天空大雨倾盆,车开到了我住的地方,没有想到这么晚了,还有一群面带微笑的年轻人欢迎我的到来,我有点紧张,这是我第一次来到一个陌生的国家,同时我也会记住那晚他们热情的欢迎 。








总之,我在阳朔的这一周是独特而我令人难忘的,我将永远不会忘记这时刻和这个地方,要我用所有的语音来表达美丽的阳朔是很困难的,它需要你亲眼看到、亲身经历才会真正的理解,这里的房子、优美的风景是世界上许多的地方都没有办法相媲美的,我在阳朔遇到的一些小插曲和小冒险都很有意义,如果你喜欢自然 ,喜欢小镇你应该来广西,那里人很好客,很热情,很淳朴,尤其是美丽的阳朔。

这是非常放松愉快的一天,我无法用语言来描述这个美丽的风景名胜。( It was a beautiful, lazy day in this scenic spot that my words cannot do justice.)



外籍教师的“成都故事”大PK——成都市成华区举办“首届国际理解教育外籍教师风采大赛(决赛)”- 巴克兰三位外教获得一等奖 (The First Star of Chenghua District Foreign Teachers Talent Competition on International Understanding Education(The Finals)— BUCKLAND GROUP 3 Foreign Teachers Won the First Prize)


△ 成都市人民政府办公厅转发市教育局《关于推进成都教育国际化意见》的通知





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